What to do if someone gets injured?

What to do if someone gets injured? Businesses should always take the necessary precautions when it comes to an employee’s personal safety in the workplace. But accidents can’t always be avoided, so what should you do when someone gets injured? Workplace injuries Latest statistics for 2015/16 show that 144 workers were killed because of a… Read More

Differing health and safety approaches around the world

    Health and safety varies all over the globe, with experts estimating that 6,300 people die daily due to workplace accidents. This equates to around 317 million accidents happening whilst people are at work. It’s therefore very important to be educated in the best health and safety practices. Differing practices Health and safety overall… Read More

Environmental management requirements in all workplaces

  To assess and monitor a workplace’s environmental management needs, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are ideal. An Environmental Management System is a system implemented into workplaces which boosts their energy performance and environmental sustainability. An EMS needs to be done in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.   What’s in an Environmental Management System? Lays… Read More

Most common accidents in an office workplace and how to avoid them

The workplace can be a minefield of obstacles and potentially dangerous hazards, causing the potential risk of an accident while people are at work to be higher than you may anticipate. Even a simple task such as sitting at a desk and typing on a computer can cause or contribute towards problems, including eye strain,… Read More

Pleural Thickening

Pleural thickening is a lung disease where the thin membrane covering the lung, known as the pleura, becomes scarred and damaged. As a result of this scar tissue buildup the space between the lungs and the pleura can close up, which can cause chest pain and a loss in breathing function. Of all of the… Read More

Event Safety

At SAMS Ltd we complete a lot of work around outdoor events and as such this brings us into regular contact with local authorities and blue light services whose only interest in the event is around licensing conditions and public safety. Having the same objectives, we have no problem with this but we regularly cross… Read More

Creating A Positive Workplace Health And Safety Culture At Work

Creating a positive workplace health and safety culture at work What is a safety culture? Whilst there isn’t a particular definition of ‘safety culture’, the Chernobyl disaster was the catalyst for safety culture’s birth. It was first defined in the International Nuclear Safety Group’s 1988 report as “an organisational atmosphere where safety and health is… Read More

What is COMAH?

What is COMAH? COMAH stands for The Control of Major Accident Hazards, helping businesses to take all the necessary measures to prevent major accidents with hazardous substances. It also limits the ramifications of any large scale accidents which do manifest, through enforcing regulations on hazardous substances to protect people and the environment. COMAH is enforced… Read More

What is Nebosh?

What is NEBOSH? NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is an awarding body with charitable status. They offer a wide range of qualifications designed to train people in the health, safety and environmental management needs of all workplaces, across a number of different industries. Formed in 1979, NEBOSH is now a… Read More