Wandering through the various web pages today we came across the following question placed on a forum…

“Hi I have been out of work for 5 months and getting a job in the architecture profession is proving very difficult. Am considering doing a course to get my NEBOSH General Certificate and doing the National Certificate in Construction H&S, with the aim of getting work as a Health & Safety Advisor, possibly in the construction trade or utilities.
Is anyone in this industry or career? If so what are the job prospects like at the moment and is someone with this qualification and 10 years experience in architecture running jobs on site likely to find work easily?
Its also a long term plan to become more qualified and the independence of being self-employed rather than working my ass of for firms who hire & fire you in a second”

The point being made is valid and our response to this is absolutely everyone and anyone making, or thinking about a career change, promotion etc. would do far worse than looking at the NEBOSH route.

Like anything worth doing following the NEBOSH route is a challenge which requires commitment and hard work but brings with it the reward of success and creates opportunities which otherwise may not have been present even if working within the health and safety industry is not something for you.

At SAMS Ltd we currently have 3 courses running in 2014 at Ashford, Thanet and Maidstone. For details of this opportunity please contact Claire or any member of our team on 01304 249699 or via e mail at info@samsltd.co.uk