Vault Boy, the mascot from Fallout

The 7 Worst Health & Safety Hazards in Fallout

WARNING: minor spoilers for Season 1 of Fallout below! War never changes, and neither does the need for these health and safety hit pieces. Five minutes in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout should make it clear that health and safety is, at best, a loose consideration. Yet amidst all the bullet wounds and tetanus, there… Read More

Mental Health Focus: APRIL is Stress Awareness Month

MENTAL HEALTH FOCUS: Why is this an important month? Our mental health is so important, providing First Aid for Mental Health is a vital part of any business these days. Almost 50% of work-related ill health is due to stress, anxiety or depression.  As an employer there is a legal duty of care to ensure… Read More

statue of liberty as a representation of america

Why the United States has finally banned asbestos

Almost two years after we wrote about a seemingly imminent ban, it’s finally happened: the United States has ended the last uses of asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a complete ban on the import or use of chrysotile asbestos, with a rapid end to its applications in vehicles, and a phased removal… Read More

Harriett leaving present

A farewell from Harriett

As it’s my last day, I’ve been thinking back on all my experiences at SAMS. And as in any job I’m sure, there’s been ups, downs and moments I wouldn’t change for the world. I received a call from SAMS towards the end of lockdown saying I had got the job, which gave me the… Read More

Why inclusive PPE is a necessity, not a luxury

Why inclusive PPE is a necessity, not a luxury

The news that a major construction scheme intends to enforce properly-fitted PPE for women on its sites has been warmly received within the industry. It’s a topic we’ve written about before, and a change that’s not before time. The issue is a substantial one, and a hidden scourge that both commonly contravenes safety regulations, and… Read More

Man wearing RPE to protect against asbestos

What are the benefits of learning about asbestos?

If you think about the substance asbestos, you probably see it as an old construction material that’s highly dangerous and therefore monitored and always controlled. You’re most certainly not thinking of it as something that’s currently a present threat. Asbestos can still be found in everyday products, and recent lawsuits reflect this (See Johnson &… Read More

What are the 3 principles of first aid?

Should having Emergency First Aid at Work training be essential?

Accidents and emergencies rarely have the courtesy to strike when we expect them. In the workplace, being prepared to handle these situations means acting immediately, and with the knowledge necessary to provide triage and support. With the most serious emergencies needing to be resolved before paramedics can even reach a site, this early intervention can… Read More

Top 10 Safety Tips for Construction Sites in the UK

Top 10 Safety Tips for Construction Sites in the UK

Ensuring safety on-site is paramount to prevent accidents and injuries. As we all hear in the news, it’s not rare for something to happen that can be detrimental to someone’s life (See previous blog- What are the steps to take in case of an accident?) That’s why we are going to explain in this blog… Read More

What are the steps to take in the case of a workplace accident?

What are the steps to take in the case of a workplace accident?

In the workplace, ensuring personal safety is crucial. However, accidents cannot always be avoided. Are you prepared for the possibility of someone getting injured? Read on to discover what steps to take in the event of an accident. Workplace Injuries The latest statistics for 2022/2023 reveal that 135 workers lost their lives due to workplace… Read More