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Our new online booking system for Zoom courses is now live! 

If you’ve visited our Courses hub or Zoom course pages recently, you may have noticed a significant change. Instead of the old ‘Enquire’ button that took you to our contact page, many courses now feature a new button: View Dates & Book.  Thanks to a shiny new site update, we’re now able to offer bookings… Read More

Sexism in the construction industry #NotJustforBoys

When you think of an industry dominated by men, which industry do you think of? Personally, we would say the construction industry. Why? Construction is a traditionally male dominated profession, and statistics compiled by GMB (the union for construction workers) indicate that the industry has remained resistant to change. Although surveys clearly show that more… Read More

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Celebrate our award win with a 10% asbestos discount!

As you may have heard, we were recently delighted to win the Corporate Vision Award for Best Safety Consultancy and Training Company in the South East! The award is a testament to the amazing work our team have done over the past year, as we’ve successfully navigated the coronavirus pandemic and the transition from classroom… Read More

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4 disasters that drive home the deadly toll of asbestos

Asbestos is often considered a threat from a bygone era. Yet the very nature of this deadly substance, which can stay dormant in people’s lungs for up to 50 years, tells a very different story. With the persistence of asbestos all around us, it’s not impossible to think that we’ll still be experiencing numerous asbestos… Read More

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What our survey tells us about mental health at work

There’s no doubt that awareness of mental health conditions is growing in general society. Slowly but surely, this is extending into the workplace too, with reports that 1 in 100 adults around the country have now received some form of mental health awareness training. Yet the picture is not the same across the country, and… Read More

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What our Zoom survey says about remote learning

Health & safety changed quite a lot for everyone in 2020. As well as our personal safety, the wave of lockdown restrictions also meant that businesses like ours couldn’t function the same as before. With falling demand for our classroom courses (before they were halted altogether), we had to think on our feet to keep… Read More

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Lockdown Update

It has been abundantly clear that 2020 was the year that changed everything. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about widespread uncertainty and insecurity, from the economy to our health and social habits. When this ongoing confusion streamed into the following year, we here at SAMS knew we had to transform these apparent negatives into positives. The… Read More

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is now available as Zoom training! 

No, that’s not a repeat! We’re delighted to announce that for the first time, NEBOSH have made their National Construction Certificate available for remote training – and we’re now accepting bookings!  Due to the efficiency savings from hosting this as a remote course, we’re able to offer our best ever price for this course at… Read More