If you or your employees work in a building where there is asbestos, or have to handle asbestos, then there are many factors to take into account – the most important of these being the associated risks to health.

We all know and understand the dangers of asbestos nowadays, but as it was a key material in most buildings before the year 2000, there is still a chance that it can impact workers in the modern day.

That’s why it is so important for you and all employees in the construction, engineering, and decorating industries, plus many other professions, to be made aware of how to handle asbestos – and the precautions that need to be taken to ensure safety.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 has placed strict duties on employers for the welfare of their employees, resulting in sufficient training becoming a necessity before anyone works with asbestos. Our asbestos awareness courses are ideal for engaging and educating employees who may be working with or exposed to asbestos.


Asbestos Awareness Courses – Online & Classroom Training

We provide both offline and online asbestos awareness courses and asbestos awareness training, to provide you with the knowledge and qualifications you require when working with this harmful material. This is offered in a training environment that is convenient for you and your work needs, no matter what your requirements.

We not only provide asbestos training in a classroom setting, but if you’d prefer we also provide courses for asbestos awareness training online, through elearning.

Whether you choose to train online or take a classroom based course, you’ll be getting the most informative and knowledgeable course content, covering many areas about asbestos including; how it should be handled, and what you should do once you have discovered it at your work site.

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