Fit2Fit is an industry-led accreditation scheme covering the Face fit testing of respiratory protective equipment, formed by the British Safety Industry Federation, and endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive. The scheme is designed to assess and then accredit those wishing to complete face fit testing to drive up the standard of testing, with the goal to better protect those who make use of RPE.

Fit2Fit accreditation involves a comprehensive evaluation, beginning with a knowledge-based multiple-choice exam and culminating in a rigorous practical demonstration assessed by industry-leading experts.


Opting for a Fit2Fit accredited tester provides assurance that a competent professional has been selected. There is a legal requirement under the HSAW Act 1974 and the COSHH Regulations 2002, these regulations mandate that individuals wearing tight-fitting RPE must undergo fit testing by a competent person.

Who needs a Fit2Fit test?

Workers who use respiratory face mask have a legal requirement to undergo testing to ensure a proper seal on the mask. Without a tight seal, each worker is at risk of exposure to harmful substances.

What are the benefits of Fit2Fit?                         

Having your masks fitted by an approved Fit2fit tester offers many benefits:

  • This guarantees a proper seal on the mask, thereby increasing the protection for each worker and reducing exposure to harmful substances.
  • All masks being fitted will ensure you are complying with the HSE’s guidance on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing.
  • It also reinforces the importance of good health and safety practices.

What makes a Fit2Fit Approved Tester?

We are now approved to provide qualitative face fit testers which means our Fit2Fit approval includes a comprehensive evaluation, beginning with a knowledge-based multiple-choice exam, and resulting in a rigorous practical demonstration assessed by industry-leading experts. Our advisor, Alex Hawk is a qualified assessor and can be found on the Fit2fit approved register.

Experienced Instructors:

Alex, our experienced instructor with over a decade in health and safety, holds qualifications including Fit2Fit and NEBOSH, ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

Quick efficient mask testing sessions.

Each session is designed to be completed in just 20 to 25 minutes per person, ensuring an effective fit2fit mask testing.

Where does theFit2Fit testing take place?

We currently offer in-person Fit2Fit mask testing therefore we’re happy to travel or carry out the testing at our premises.

Those undertaking a fitting MUST adhere to the following:

  • FACIAL HAIR: All persons must be CLEAN SHAVEN if having a mask fitted.
  • BEFORE THE ASSESSMENT: The person(s) having the mask fitted must NOT smoke, eat or drink (other than water) for 30 minutes prior to the fitting.
  • Check you have the correct mask and filters depending on hazard + uses.


If you’re interested in getting a Fit2fit mask fitted correctly to ensure maximum safety for you and your employees. Click below to get a quote or email