Today’s blog is a big congratulations to our treasured health & safety advisor, Alex! After many long and challenging weeks, Alex has successfully completed his mission of getting onto the Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register (TFRAR). This means that Alex is now recognised and valued as a ‘competent fire professional’!

The Fire Risk Register is a scheme designed to help people locate qualified fire safety professionals in their area. The register consists of three tiers, with Tier 1 being entry level assessors, Tier 2 being fully accredited Fire Risk Assessors, and Tier 3 being the most experienced, nationally certified Fire Risk Assessors.

Alex has qualified as a Tier 2 Fire Risk Assessor, strengthening his ability to carry out appropriate and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments. Clients in the South East can now find Alex and SAMS through the Tiered Fire Risk Assessor Register, and be reassured of the quality of our Fire Risk Assessments.

As the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, who administer the register, put it: “The government recommends that fire risk assessments should be carried out by suitably competent fire professionals. We created the Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register (TFRAR) as a way to help people locate suitable professionals in their area.”

A responsible person / duty holder will be now able to locate and select Alex through the TFRAR, and guarantee that he is competent at the prescribed fire safety level. No matter how big or small the building, Alex will be capable of carrying out any Fire Risk Assessment needed, whilst being able to identify and record fire risks, and carry out audits to verify another person’s Fire Risk Assessments.

Alex’s process

As a Tier 2 Fire Risk Assessor, Alex is now deemed competent enough to carry out fire risk assessments on buildings ranging from simple/less complex to those of medium complexity and normal risk.

An example of simple/less complex buildings would be:

  • Buildings up to 3 storeys – offices, small/medium size shops, sports premises, art centres etc.

Examples of normal risk buildings would range from:

  • Large shops and shopping centres
  • Art centres/museums
  • Leisure centres
  • Small and medium places of assembly (i.e. church)
  • Factories/warehouses
  • Theatres/cinemas
  • Hotels and other buildings with sleeping accommodation
  • Care homes
  • Large offices etc.

We congratulate Alex for passing multiple exams and practical assessments to finally become one of the fire professionals on the Tiered Fire Risk Register. For more information on the scheme and how to become a Fire Risk Assessor, visit the IFSM website.