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Advanced training to help identify, control and prevent workplace hazards

  • NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner training - the highest standard available
  • Learn from home via Zoom with our specialist tutors
  • Choose from 12 sessions in 12 weeks or in 2 consecutive weeks (+ exam)
  • Suggested progression: requalification every 5 years

NEBOSH Zoom Course Schedule

Take a look at our training schedule to see all future dates for NEBOSH and other courses, or contact us to enquire if there are currently no dates available.

We also offer NEBOSH Construction and NEBOSH Fire classroom courses. All three will start concurrently in January, March, June and September unless otherwise noted.


What is a NEBOSH National General Certificate and why do you need one?

The Level 3 NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health has been created to help those who have health and safety duties within the workplace be able to carry out these tasks legally and efficiently, whilst protecting the company too. It enables you to identify and to effectively control and prevent workplace hazards, through the key knowledge learnt from this course.

This course is highly regarded and recognised nationwide, and is classed as one of the most popular health and safety courses throughout the whole of the UK. There in an extensive range of subjects covered, focusing on the key issues surrounding health and safety within the workplace, and the measures that can be implemented to prevent any accidents from arising.


Who should attend this NEBOSH course?

Our NEBOSH Zoom course is for anybody who deals with the day to day implementation of health and safety within their workplace. Employees who will benefit greatly from this course include: managers, supervisors, and other members of staff who require a broader knowledge of health and safety.

Taking this course can be the gateway towards a career in health and safety, providing you with an overview that is valuable, and a concrete base for you to further your professional study within this subject. This is especially suited to those of you are about to embark upon a career in occupational health and safety, as well as those who do not have any previous experience with health and safety guidelines, as all areas will be covered.


What does the NEBOSH Zoom course contain?

The NEBOSH Zoom course qualification is divided into two sections, which will all be assessed separately. These sections are:

  • NG1 – An open book exam
  • NG2 – A practical risk assessment (3 hours)

NEBOSH not only accredits bodies such as IOSH, but completing these sections and successfully passing the course will also enable you to become a member at a technician level of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).


Health and Safety at Work

Health and safety is a legal obligation to protect employees from injuring themselves and others. By having a health and safety qualified employee at your place of work it brings an abundance of knowledge, from practicality to legal know how, helping to reduce costs from accidents happening to the workforce.

Larger organisations choose our NEBOSH course as a key development opportunity for their managers and supervisors. This not only helps them, but also the business itself, knowing that their health and safety legislations are in good professional hands, and building an effective health and safety proficiency for the business.


Why you should train with a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

A Gold Learning Partner doesn’t just exceed these principles – they greatly exceed them. Gold Learning Partners go beyond what’s necessary to deliver the best possible training experience.

If you read our blog post earlier this year, you may be aware that SAMS is an official NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner. What you might not know is exactly what that means, or how it affects people taking our NEBOSH courses, particularly now that we provide NEBOSH courses via remote learning.

Since all NEBOSH courses are fully certified, what is the difference between a course with us and a course with a Bronze or Silver Learning Provider? And how has the change to open book exams for remote learning affected NEBOSH training standards? Read on to find out!


What is the NEBOSH Partner Programme?

The NEBOSH Learning Partner Programme is designed to signify the quality of training you will receive from a training provider. NEBOSH grades its partners on three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze describes any training provider that offers certified NEBOSH courses, and ensures that your training meets the following principles:

  • Ensure all learners understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from their Learning Provider.
  • Deliver a guaranteed number of learning hours to every candidate.
  • Create a learning environment that is engaging and encourages interaction that is appropriate for the course and type of delivery.
  • Provide accurate course materials and continually update and improve them.
  • Ensure tutors are qualified, knowledgeable, competent and engaging.
  • Give learners feedback on their progress and provide appropriate support.
  • Review course delivery and learner feedback and action as necessary.

A Silver Learning Partner must demonstrate that they have exceeded these principles, offering a higher standard of training than is strictly necessary under the guidelines. NEBOSH Silver Learning Partners are considered to offer a very good level of training, and provide an engaging learning experience with plenty of materials, useful feedback and strong oversight.

A Gold Learning Partner doesn’t just exceed these principles – they greatly exceed them. Gold Learning Partners (like us!) go beyond what’s necessary to deliver the best possible training experience. For NEBOSH, this means training that takes each individual’s needs into account, engaging with learners and providing constant feedback and support.


Why you should do your NEBOSH with SAMS

SAMS has achieved Gold Partner status, the highest level of certification that NEBOSH offers. This means that we not only fulfil what is required from NEBOSH, but greatly exceed it in every area. This doesn’t just mean great quality training from engaging and knowledgeable trainers, but also everything that surrounds the course.

As a Gold Learning Partner, SAMS aims to provide a set of skills that will serve you for life. As well as information that’s valuable to your CV, we empower our learners to share that information with others, and instill a positive safety culture in their workplace. We’ll ensure that you get all the materials you need to maximise your learning, and that you can ask questions and receive top quality support – all particularly crucial when learning remotely.


NEBOSH Zoom training

While you will receive the same content from any NEBOSH Zoom course, the way you’re taught that information can have a major impact on how you absorb it. This is especially true now that NEBOSH has permanently switched to an open book exam component. This was a change that had been planned anyway, but was accelerated to allow people to take their exams online during the pandemic.

While you may think that an open book exam would be easier – and therefore be less reliant on training – the opposite is arguably true. Now that you have all of the key information in front of you, the emphasis is on how well you understand that information, and whether you can put it into practice. This makes great training even more important, as it helps you to absorb information rather than just memorising it.

In response to the pandemic and the changes to the course, SAMS has completely overhauled our NEBOSH General Certificate course. The syllabus now reflects these changes in a way that’s unique to SAMS, and which is designed to get the most out of Zoom training. Our NEBOSH online course is designed to maximise participation, delivering exercises and talks that will help to engage learners in a home working environment.


Book your NEBOSH Zoom course today

SAMS offers the NEBOSH General Certificate course as remote learning via Zoom, allowing you to gain your qualification entirely from home. Our 12-day course will give you a direct link to our fantastic trainers, with the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback directly. You’ll also receive physical course materials to help you learn and study alongside the training.

To find out more information about the NEBOSH General Certificate course and the new open book examination, and to book your place for 18th September course, contact us today 01843 269775.


NEBOSH Testimonials

“Excellent course and brilliant teacher. Made the course fun and interesting, and kept all attendees involved. I would definitely recommend SAMS Ltd.”

– Gill Clark, Shepway Council

“Paul & Lee are Fantastic teachers and we cannot praise them enough for all the did for me and my colleagues at Shepway Council. They are so helpful, go the extra mile & we highly recommend them.”

– Kurt Stevenson

“I would like to thank all at SAMS Ltd for a fantastic NEBOSH general certificate course. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 and a bit weeks. Hospitality was great as were the facilities.”

– Darrell Hall

“Can not thank Lee and the rest of the team at SAMS enough for their excellent training and dedication they put in to their courses. I have just received my results for the NEBOSH General course and would not have passed without them.”

– Claire Pryce (via Facebook)

“Fantastic NEBOSH General and Construction course attended recently. The instructors / tutors are all great at training you and finding your best methods of learning. A huge thanks guys.”

– Andy Williams (via Facebook)



Day release: 12 training sessions over 12 weeks + exam day.

Block course: 12 sessions over two consecutive weeks + exam day.

Suggested progression: requalification every 5 years.



We also offer the NEBOSH National General Certificate as an e-Learning course, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own home. You can complete the course online in any desktop or laptop browser, learning at your own pace.

Please note that unlike some of our other e-Learning courses, you will still need to book your final exam to complete your NEBOSH qualification. Visit our NEBOSH National General Certificate e-Learning page to find out more, or get in touch with us today.