Protecting your Future – the No1 Workplace Killer

Whenever I ask the question “What’s the Number One killer in the workplace” the answer ranges from Slips,Trips, and falls to Violence and Anger in the Workplace… perhaps I ask the question too often! The correct answer however is Asbestos – or more accurately Mesothelioma.

Generally this is followed by a slight narrowing of disbelieving eyes and a “what even in this day and age?” and the answer is yes – in this day and age it is still the number one killer within the workplace. Asbestos was used so widely across many industries, and as the time between the initial exposure and the onset of the disease can be between 15-60 years, we can expect these results to stay around the same level for a few years to come.

So what can we do about it? A 2012 study carried out by the HSE shows that Mesothelioma related deaths are likely to plateau around 2020 and start to decline – the only way we can make sure this figure continues to fall is by raising our awareness of Asbestos and how to protect our futures from it.

Our short UKATA registered Asbestos Awareness Elearning Course is one quick and easy way to ensure that you are protecting your future – today. By recognising what it is, what the emergency procedures are and how to keep yourself safe then hopefully Asbestos Relates illnesses will end with our generation.

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