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Health and safety is seen as unnecessary by some, but it’s a lifeline for many. Not just in terms of the literal lives it saves, but the opportunity it offers to many people. NEBOSH courses are a prime example: a certificate that teaches a whole range of valuable safety skills, and sets learners up for a rewarding career in the health & safety industry.

At SAMS, we believe that an investment in safety is an investment in your future. That’s true of individuals as well as businesses. Our safety training courses not only protect people from harm, but empower them to make better decisions. When employees feel safer in their work, they are more productive, and more committed to the cause.

NEBOSH is perhaps our flagship course, and the one which garners the most positive feedback from our learners. A wealth of 5* reviews back up our status as a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, the highest grade awarded by NEBOSH. We go above and beyond to ensure learners not only pass, but absorb and understand everything we teach them.

While the NEBOSH General and Construction Certificate courses are among our most popular, we offer a whole host of courses and consultancy options. The pandemic both tested and galvanised us: we took the drastic decision to shift many of our courses online, and now teach hundreds of learners up and down the country with our Zoom training.

Our safety training company in rural Kent is now one of the biggest in the UK. Having always been a popular destination for the UKATA Asbestos Awareness course, we’re now a major provider of CITB, IOSH, and Qualsafe courses. We’ve also expanded into pre-recorded video courses, and returned to traditional in-person training.

Consultancy has also grown to be a bigger part of our work at SAMS. With a history of successful event management, we shifted into advice and safety checklists for COVID. Today, we provide everything from fire safety reports to display screen equipment checks, and offer a range of ongoing consultancy packages for businesses of all stripes and sizes.

Our mission has always been to make safety make sense, both for individuals and businesses. Our courses aim to provide prestigious safety qualifications at reasonable prices, giving people key skills to boost their CVs. In the process, we empower them to spot hazards at home and work, and make positive changes that affect the people around them.

Our trainers are constantly adding to their skill sets, and we continue to expand our course offerings to meet demand. The recent addition of new mental health first aid and environmental safety courses reflects our desire to improve the world and communities around us through safety training, and meet new challenges head on.

To learn more about our range of safety courses and consultancy services, visit our website. Alternatively, get in touch with us via phone, email or live chat, and learn how we can protect your future today.