Duty Holder – Your Responsibilities

The employer is the person who has the ultimate responsibility when it comes to office safety. However, this responsibility is often delegated to office managers.

Why have an office assessment?

While offices may seem to be a safe working environment, certain hazards are present around manual handling, fire safety and the use of computer equipment (DSE).

What we can do for you:

We can attend to any type of office environment, from multi-office units to single units, to ensure that companies are complying with current legislation.

At Safety and Management Solutions we offer a highly effective service in controlling such issues, making your office more effective and reducing the risks present.

As part of this service we will complete a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment. By doing this we can make sure that desks are ergonomically positioned.

We will also make sure that staff have received the correct level of training, and will assist owners and managers in meeting their legal obligations in respect of training.

Please contact us for further information.