Safety & Management Solutions Ltd are able to provide a qualitative face fit testing service on-site.

If you provide respiratory protective equipment (RPE) then it is essential you have documented results of your employees face fit test for your organisation to remain legally compliant by fulfilling the requirements laid out in the Health & Safety Executives (HSE) guidance note HSE 282/28.

Why is face fit testing needed?

Up until February 2002 face fit testing only applied to Asbestos, Nuclear industry and the military. It now applies to all tight-fitting RPE. As well as COSHH regulations it is a requirement of CAR (Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations) 2012, CLAW (Control of Lead at work) regulations, use of RPE found in IRR (Ionising Radiation Regulations) and CSR (Confined Space Regulations).

  • Where RPE is provided at work it must be suitable for use
  • Suitable RPE gives effective protection, suitability to the task, the environment and the wearer
  • Face Fit test assesses the suitability of a specific face-piece to an individual wearer
  • Face Fit testing must be conducted for all tight fitting face-pieces
  • Legislative compliance

When should face fit testing be conducted?

Face fit test should be conducted during the initial selection of RPE, before an individual wears the respirator in a hazardous environment. If an untested face-piece is already in use then it should be fit tested as soon as possible.

It is good practice to repeat face fit testing at regular intervals. This is especially important if RPE is used as the primary means of control, e.g. annual testing for workers who are involved in licensed asbestos removal. In any case face fit testing should be repeated if:

  • The wearer significantly gains or loses weight, has major dental work or sustains a major facial injury
  • A different model or size of RPE is selected
  • It pertains to specific company policy

Face Fit Testing exists in addition to the requirement to perform a pre-use check.

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