We do it all.

We manage all sizes of public events, from local parades and carnivals through to music festivals with crowds of 25,000 people. Even at the smaller events, we know that issues around public safety are complex.

As such, we are able to support you with the local authorities, liaise with the emergency services, and ensure that safety at your event is fully managed – giving you the freedom to concentrate on the event itself.

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Outdoor Events

We specialise in the delivery of event safety at outdoor and corporate gatherings.  We have extensive experience in working at music festivals and single concerts, as well as working with large corporations.

Work undertaken includes:

  • Representing promoters and organisers at meetings with local authorities and emergency services during the planning stages and during any de-brief meeting
  • Development of audience profiles
  • Preparation of the Event Safety Log and associated assessments and systems
  • Deployment of experienced staff to the event to oversee safety and deal with issues arising
  • Advice and guidance on food safety and management of concessions and contractors

Corporate Events

At Safety and Management Solutions we are experienced in dealing with large organisations who wish to organise an event to celebrate an official opening or the end of a project. We are sensitive to the needs of the client and their wish to hold a successful and high profile event, which should reflects well on the organisation and that of the associated event organisers. This means dealing with conflicting interests, the media and ensuring that other such concerns are addressed.


Normally taking place over several days and involving camping, music festivals present a unique challenge when it comes to the delivery of safety.

At Safety and Management Solutions we have the necessary experience to deliver safety at such events, and can resolve problems not only during the planning stages, but also throughout the period that the festival is taking place. Our consultants are present throughout the festival, working closely with the promoters, security and local authorities to identify issues and resolve them.

Local Authority

Safety and Management Solutions Limited staff have worked on many occasions with local authorities in the delivery of safety.  This includes work in an advisory capacity or as consultants at larger events being run by or on behalf of the Council. In such events the need for clear communication and guidance is needed to ensure that the reputation of the organisers and the local authorities is maintained.