If you’ve visited our Courses hub or Zoom course pages recently, you may have noticed a significant change. Instead of the old ‘Enquire’ button that took you to our contact page, many courses now feature a new button: View Dates & Book. 

Thanks to a shiny new site update, we’re now able to offer bookings for our Zoom and Classroom courses completely online. Instead of phoning us up or sending an email, you can choose the date and time that suits you on the course page, and pay through our secure online portal.

The cart and payment processes work exactly like the process for buying our e-Learning courses, such as UKATA Asbestos Awareness. We’ll get in touch via email after you’ve booked with all the information you’ll need, including the Zoom call details and any learning resources. 

Please note that the places for each course date are first come first served, and there is currently no reservation system. It’s possible that you may have a course in your cart, but that somebody else takes it before you. In this instance, you will not be charged, and will instead be returned to the course page. 

We’re now at a point where we’ve added all our planned course dates for the next couple of months to the booking system. If a course still shows the ‘Enquire’ button and has no dates listed, it either means that we haven’t planned a date for it yet, or the date is several months away. 

If you find a course that doesn’t have dates available, please get in touch! Our confirmed course dates tend to be for our most popular courses where we can predict demand. However, we are always looking to add new dates for other courses where there is interest, and may have a date earmarked that isn’t in the system yet. 

Of course, this is still just one of the ways to book. If you’d prefer, we’re always around to field enquiries over the phone, through our contact forms or via email. Whatever and however you want to book, the team at SAMS is here to protect your future – today.