£20.00 + VAT Per Person

Learn the principles of working at height in an engaging and fully certified video course

Duration: 105 minutes*

The Working at Height Video e-Learning course is an interactive and fully-certified training scheme for anyone who undertakes work at height, or who employs people who regularly work at height. The course is fully certified and approved by RoSPA, and helps to ensure that you are compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

The definition of work at height varies depending on the nature of the work you are carrying out. Simply put, it applies to any job in which falling or dropping objects presents a realistic and substantial risk, both to the personnel involved and anyone who is passing below.

Common locations where Working at Height online video training may be necessary include:

  • Ladders
  • Scaffolds
  • Stages
  • Roofs
  • Trenches
  • Skylights
  • Signage
  • Lifts

All employers and employees have a legal responsibility to assess, control and minimise risks and hazards from work at height. Failing to do so puts individuals at risk of injury or death, and the business at risk of severe financial penalties. Better working practices at height can also avoid chronic illness and injury, improve employee wellbeing and improve productivity.

The Working at Height video course introduces candidates to the dangers of working at height, and explains how the regulations around work at height affect them on a day-to-day basis. It goes on to teach candidates the hierarchy of controls, how to assess risk, how to minimise risks through best practices and equipment, and much more.

Please note that this is an awareness course only. If your duties include work at height, you are also required to undertake further practical training. For more information, contact us today.


Course details

Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Working at Height 1 Introducing Work at Height 70
Working at Height 2 The Dangers of Work at Height 70
Working at Height 3 The Work at Height Regulations 70
Working at Height 4 Summary of Duty Holder’s


Working at Height 5 Employer’s Responsibilities 70
Working at Height 6 The Hierarchy of Control 70
Working at Height 7 Avoiding Work at Height Wherever


Working at Height 8 Prevent Risk of Falls 70
Working at Height 9 Minimise Consequences 70
Working at Height 10 The Risk Assessment 70
Working at Height 11 Course Summary 70


What is Video e-Learning?

Video e-Learning is our new online video training system, and an alternative approach to our traditional e-Learning courses. Each module of the Working at Height course is taught with a face-to-face video. Once you’ve finished the video and taken in all of the information, you’ll then have to pass a test to move onto the next module.

This Working at Height video course is perfect for visual learners, and anyone who prefers the classroom environment but is unable to make it to our training centre. Video e-Learning users benefit from the visual stimulus of the video training and face-to-face tuition, with all of the advantages of studying wherever and whenever suits you best.


Recommended System Requirements

  • Browser: Up to date web browser
  • Video: Up to date video drivers
  • Memory: 1Gb+ RAM
  • Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)


*Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.