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Why does Black Friday exist?

Black Friday is known as the day where shops put everything on sale for a ridiculously cheap price. You walk down the high street and you see signs everywhere: 20% OFF, 50% OFF and even 70% OFF. You see people acting in a mob fashion, as retailers lure them in towards cheap goods. The question still holds: why does this holiday exist?

Black Friday was first coined following the gold market crash in 1869, where the spiralling price of gold caused chaos in the global financial market. Somewhere along the line, this became attached to retail, as police authorities in America used it to describe the start of the shopping season. City authorities and merchants attempted to change it to ‘Big Friday’, but it didn’t stick.

Changing tack, retailers in the 70s and 80s began to invent a new origin story. Borrowing from the common colours of financial records, stores would be said to be ‘in the red’ when sales were particularly bad, but ‘in the black’ when they were good. The day after Thanksgiving was ‘Black Friday’ because shoppers rushed to buy all the discounted goods, and put the retailers in the black. From then on, the day after Thanksgiving was labelled as the Black Friday we know and love today.

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