An Insight into Asbestos

Asbestos is still a tough nut to crack when it comes to people, both in and out of the construction industry understanding the dangers of asbestos. Because of this, we thought that we should give a general explanation of what asbestos is, an outline of the history of its use and why the material is… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Having a CSCS Card?

People looking into going into construction as a career path often wonder why they should get a CSCS Card. What benefits are there? Why do I need one? How do I get one? All of these answers and more can be found below, in our extensive guide to the CSCS card. What is a CSCS… Read More

How gamification could improve safety training

In every industry, there’s an expectation that technology will make things easier for everyone. Often, technology is expected to solve problems that could just as easily be solved with existing methods. What’s lacking is the application and adoption of methods and ideas, rather than any real technological gap. This could easily extend to the latest… Read More

5 eLearning Courses To Help Stave Off The Snow

The Beast From The East is back, and he isn’t pulling any punches. Temperatures are in the minus degrees, and you can’t put two feet out of the door without falling over. If you aren’t a safety inspector, all of these things should mean a quiet day indoors with a pair of slippers, a mug… Read More

4 Cautionary Tales For Driver CPC Procrastinators

  As you’ve no doubt heard a million times already, the 5-year period for completing your mandatory Driver CPC training ticks over this year. For many of you, we also know that you aren’t thrilled by the prospect of CPC training, and want to leave it all until as late as possible. Instead of lecturing… Read More

MIDWINTER SALE: Online Asbestos Awareness!

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable…it’s February. We know there’s asbestos that still needs dealing with out there in the world – but we also know that you’d rather learn about it from the comfort of your own home, or nestled in a nice warm coffee shop. That’s why for February only, we’re lowering the… Read More

12 delicious (but occasionally deadly) foods

  An area of health & safety where people seem happy to take risks is our food. Whether it’s dangerous delicacies, lukewarm leftovers or not waiting for things to defrost, many people seem willing to chance a dodgy tummy for a quick fix of food. Next time your stomach gets in the way of your brain,… Read More

7 Health and Safety Hazards In Star Wars

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of seven feature films, hundreds of books, dozens of games and a particularly feisty round of Star Wars Monopoly, it’s that the galaxy is a dangerous place. However peaceful your planet seems, nowhere is safe from a sudden bout of Stormtroopers, or being exploded by a big… Read More

4 Key Tips For Staying Safe This Christmas

  For much of the world, few occasions are as fun or frantic as Christmas. From cooking up a feast to decorating the house, the festive season involves a massive amount of preparation, stress and panic, often with a boozy and food-stuffed denouement. However, the stresses, strains and inclement weather experienced in the run-up to… Read More

How to prevent hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)

The risks of operating vibrating machinery and other tools has been known about since the Industrial Revolution, but they remain under-appreciated. Yet the condition can be debilitating and the fines for breaches can be significant, as with the recent £150,000 lawsuit brought against Wrexham Council. Preventing hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is relatively simple, assuming… Read More