Silica Dust Is the New Asbestos

With the Government having banned asbestos almost two decades ago, construction companies are still working to remove the fibres from buildings. Although companies are training staff to work safely within asbestos exposure sites, they do not always realise the dangers of silica dust. However, there is a mineral found in many materials, commonly used on… Read More

Hot weather at work: what are your responsibilities?

While many of us have welcomed the prolonged hot spell in the UK, it’s easy to undervalue the risks that come with the hot weather at work. While we always have the option to sit in the shade, grab a drink and cool off in our free time, many of us can feel pressured to… Read More

Young people and hearing loss: should we take it more seriously?

Concerns about young people listening to loud music are hardly new. For as long as there have been headphones, parents have chastised their children about playing music too loud, and the children have done their best to ignore it. Playing loud music is considered a right of passage and an emotional outlet, drowning out the… Read More

How cannabis legalisation could affect workplace safety

New legal pot laws in Canada and support for legalisation from Donald Trump may mark a seismic shift in global drug policy, and a conclusive end to the war on drugs. But how would cannabis legalisation or decriminalisation affect the workplace? What would your liabilities be as an employer in an area where drug use… Read More

Why not Train Instead of Do?

Why not Train Instead of Do? What is the best way to learn? Some argue that its through practical activities such as science experiments in class. Or maybe its through reading, since we can remember almost everything we read. There are many different effective methods to learn — but which is the best? Studies show… Read More

Who Should Carry Out A Fire Risk Assessment?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that Fire Risk Assessments are carried out on all commercial premises and the communal areas of residential premises. The Order also requires the assessment are arranged by the ‘responsible person’ and carried out by a ‘competent person’. Who is the ‘Responsible Person’? The employer or owner/occupant of… Read More

Robot wars: are we right to be afraid of automation?

Robots: they’re cold, calculating killing machines. Or helpful, durable workers – it really depends on who you ask. Our opinions of robotics and automation are coloured by science fiction, and the doom-laden proclamations of robots taking all our jobs have caused us to be even warier. But do we really have anything to fear from… Read More

SUMMER SALE: NEBOSH General Certificate!

You may not think it from the weather, but spring has well and truly sprung in the UK, and the summer is already creeping up on us. To get you in the mood for the sun and fun, we thought the ideal preparation was to encourage you indoors for training! For a limited time only,… Read More

How Having a NEBOSH Qualification Can Help Your Career

What is NEBOSH? • The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) was formed in 1979 as an awarding body with charitable status. • They offer an encyclopaedic range of globally-recognised qualifications constructed to meet the health, safety and environmental management needs of all workplaces. • Annually, around 50,000 candidates are attracted to… Read More

What is Asbestos

Asbestos is still a tough nut to crack when it comes to people, both in and out of the construction industry understanding the dangers of asbestos. Because of this, we thought that we should give a general explanation of what asbestos is, an outline of the history of its use and why the material is… Read More