12 delicious (but occasionally deadly) foods

  An area of health & safety where people seem happy to take risks is our food. Whether it’s dangerous delicacies, lukewarm leftovers or not waiting for things to defrost, many people seem willing to chance a dodgy tummy for a quick fix of food. Next time your stomach gets in the way of your brain, … Continue reading →

7 Health and Safety Hazards In Star Wars

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of seven feature films, hundreds of books, dozens of games and a particularly feisty round of Star Wars Monopoly, it’s that the galaxy is a dangerous place. However peaceful your planet seems, nowhere is safe from a sudden bout of Stormtroopers, or being exploded by a big … Continue reading →

4 Key Tips For Staying Safe This Christmas

  For much of the world, few occasions are as fun or frantic as Christmas. From cooking up a feast to decorating the house, the festive season involves a massive amount of preparation, stress and panic, often with a boozy and food-stuffed denouement. However, the stresses, strains and inclement weather experienced in the run-up to … Continue reading →

How to prevent hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)

The risks of operating vibrating machinery and other tools has been known about since the Industrial Revolution, but they remain under-appreciated. Yet the condition can be debilitating and the fines for breaches can be significant, as with the recent £150,000 lawsuit brought against Wrexham Council. Preventing hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is relatively simple, assuming … Continue reading →

7 Flagrant Health & Safety Breaches In Blade Runner

Back by popular demand, we’re turning our ever vigilant eye to a true classic of sci-fi cinema. We’ve seen the new one (it’s great), but to avoid ruining things, here’s a rundown of seven health and safety risks that really stood out in 1982’s Blade Runner.   [[Spoiler warning — plot details from a 30 … Continue reading →

How health and safety is saving the world

Along with ‘political correctness’ and paying your taxes, health and safety has always been a bug bear of every free thinking individual. Lots of people don’t like being told what to do, especially when the rules that are being enforced seem obvious or trite. On the other hand, you have the culture of safety in the … Continue reading →

Does asbestos in schools really pose a risk?

The health risks of asbestos, a previously common fire retardant, have been known about for decades. However, the fact that it was only banned in the UK in 2000 means we have more reason to worry than most. Anything built before then, particularly in the 1970s, has a substantial chance of containing some asbestos. The … Continue reading →

7 Flagrant Health and Safety Breaches In Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a great show, but Westeros is a health and safety firm’s worst nightmare. From rickety castles to dodgy cooking, the average episode makes us more nervous than the Hound on Bonfire night. Here are just eight lessons the characters could learn from our various courses, in order to bring down that … Continue reading →

What is asbestos and why is it dangerous?

As you may have already seen, we have talked about in depth about Why Asbestos is Dangerous, but we thought we would give you a quick refresh. Asbestos was used in the building trade in the 20th century for many decades, because of its resistance to chemical reactions, fire and heat. Because of this, it … Continue reading →

An opportunity to educate or get “likes”

In this day and age of social media and on demand cameras, which many people have on them, if you see someone acting dangerously would you: Talk to the person and explain why their act is dangerous Take a photo and put it up on social media to draw attention and see if it goes … Continue reading →