A mental health first aider discusses issues with a colleague

What our survey tells us about mental health at work

There’s no doubt that awareness of mental health conditions is growing in general society. Slowly but surely, this is extending into the workplace too, with reports that 1 in 100 adults around the country have now received some form of mental health awareness training. Yet the picture is not the same across the country, and… Read More

Someone learning remotely using Zoom

What our Zoom survey says about remote learning

Health & safety changed quite a lot for everyone in 2020. As well as our personal safety, the wave of lockdown restrictions also meant that businesses like ours couldn’t function the same as before. With falling demand for our classroom courses (before they were halted altogether), we had to think on our feet to keep… Read More

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is now available as Zoom training! 

No, that’s not a repeat! We’re delighted to announce that for the first time, NEBOSH have made their National Construction Certificate available for remote training – and we’re now accepting bookings!  Due to the efficiency savings from hosting this as a remote course, we’re able to offer our best ever price for this course at… Read More

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is now available as online training! 

We’re pleased to announce that SAMS is now able to offer NEBOSH fire safety training as a remote learning course, allowing learners to receive their qualifications from the comfort of home.  The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Zoom course is an ideal way to learn the tenets of fire safety, and enact change within your… Read More

Remote learning on various devices

Our plans for 2021: accessibility and remote learning

2021 is upon us, and while things haven’t immediately improved for most people, businesses are soldiering on. For us, a new year means the opportunity to build on what we’ve created during this pandemic, and continue to reach more and more people.  Primarily this means a continued focus on expanding our remote learning courses. We’ve… Read More

Asbestos (Val-des-Sources) Canada

How a Canadian town reflects asbestos’ past — and future

Every country has a few unfortunately named towns (the UK more than most!). As silly as some of these sound, though, they can often be an attraction for tourists. For the Canadian town of Asbestos, however, a name associated with its legacy of asbestos mining has forced them to change identities, even though it means… Read More

man in ppe with cup of tea coronavirus protection

What the new coronavirus tiers mean for people & businesses 

Last Updated: 22nd December 2020 This week has seen the introduction of a new set of local restriction tiers to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. While there will be some easing of restrictions from the recent lockdown, a large part of the country has been put straight into Tier 4, the most restrictive tier available.… Read More

zoom remote learning on computer screens

Our NEBOSH & IOSH Zoom courses are cheaper than ever! 

As you may have noticed, the past few months have seen a massive expansion in our capability to deliver remote learning courses via Zoom. Thanks to the efforts of various course providers in adapting their examination process – and our work adapting the syllabus – we’re now able to offer a range of courses for… Read More

SSSTS CITB Courses and Cskills Awards thumb

CITB announce expansion of remote learning courses from 10 to 12

The CITB SSSTS and SMSTS courses have proved to be some of the most popular remote learning courses we offer, frequently selling out over the past few months. Now, we’re pleased to announce that the CITB has allowed learning providers to offer even more places, raising the class sizes from 10 to 12 for the… Read More