Are Virtual Courses the Future of Health & Safety Training?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to sweeping changes that we couldn’t have imagined just a few months ago. Legions of people have been working from home, and many more haven’t been working at all, with the government’s furlough scheme in full effect. The result has been a transition to living and working almost entirely online,… Read More

New COVID-19 Secure Guidelines – Beware of the HSE!

With the gradual easing of the coronavirus lockdown, the government has seen fit to release new guidelines for limiting the spread of COVID-19 at work. These ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidelines provide a range of advice for businesses in all industries to implement infection controls, keeping their employees safe from the coronavirus. With the response to the… Read More

PSA: Our e-Learning Discounts End Tomorrow Night!

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, we found ourselves cancelling our classroom training without an equivalent option for our customers. As such, we provided a discount – either 30% off with code ‘TRA30’ or 10% off with code ‘TRA10’ – to introduce people to our e-Learning options. As the months have gone on, however,… Read More

SSSTS and SMSTS Remote Learning Now Available Via Zoom!

As part of our efforts – and those of course providers – to offer an uninterrupted service during this period of coronavirus isolation, we’ve been steadily adding more courses to our e-Learning selection. We’re pleased to announce that this now includes both the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and Site Manager Safety Training Scheme… Read More

Get Your CSCS Green Card During Coronavirus With Zoom Remote Learning!

SAMS are pleased to announce that our CITB Health & Safety Awareness training is the latest course available via Zoom remote learning, allowing you to gain or renew your CSCS Green Card from the comfort of home. The CITB Health & Safety Awareness course will be conducted via remote learning, otherwise known as video conferencing.… Read More

IOSH Managing & Working Safely Video Tuition Now Available!

With the coronavirus pandemic preventing SAMS and other providers from offering classroom training, many awarding bodies have been moving to support online courses. We’re pleased to announce that the latest addition is IOSH, who have made their classroom courses available for remote tuition. SAMS are now able to conduct both IOSH Working Safely and IOSH… Read More

First Aid for Mental Health Training Now Available Online!

During this challenging time, we’ve been working to move as much of our training online as possible. With the help of the First Aid Awards (FAA), we’re delighted to announce that we can now offer Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid for Mental Health training as online courses. These courses will be taught using… Read More

Why we need to take gin wheel safety more seriously

We don’t often pick out news stories to feature on the blog, but this one felt particularly resonant. A young girl suffered life-changing injuries when a piece of timber fell almost 10 metres from a scaffold, striking the child in her pram. The timber was being lifted using a gin wheel, but had been improperly… Read More

The Most Unsafe-Sounding Places in the World

If you read our recent piece on asbestos trivia, you might remember that there are a couple of towns that take their name from asbestos. Well, you may not be shocked to hear that the one in Quebec, Canada has decided that a name change might be in order, despite some opposition. According to the… Read More