DVSA Allows CPC training to be carried out remotely (Skype, ZOOM etc)

SAMS is excited to offer online CPC training via Zoom. This means that anyone who needs to be get their CPC completed can it online from the comfort of their own home. All you need is a laptop or Tablet with speakers and microphone and an e mail an address.

At SAMS we are still committed to providing quality training and Lee is ready to go with this challenge. More details can be found on the sams Facebook site. If you wish to book on E mail leesadd@samsltd.co.uk or call 01843 821406.


This is an “attendance” course – so how can you be doing this online?

Due to the current circumstances the DVSA have allowed for training to be delivered via a remote link. We are using an app called Zoom which is generally used to facilitate meetings remotely etc. You will be required to participate for the full 7 hours of the course via your device by answering questions, having discussions etc. The course will still be audited and will be recorded for the duration of the session to ensure compliance. There may also be a DVSA representative sitting in for the duration of the course to audit the course.

Is there a limit to the amount of attendees per course?

Yes. Due to the way the course is being delivered the course is limited to 8 attendees per day – this is to ensure the quality of the training is not diminished by it being delivered remotely.

Why are classroom course and online courses charged at the same rate for CPC?

For a few reasons. The upload fee remains the same for an online or an offline course. These are exceptional circumstances that we find ourselves in and this training would not be offered remotely in any other circumstances. We are a small family run company, who have unfortunately had to furlough our staff due to these circumstances, yet we still have overheads we are obligated to pay for. The small amount of training that we can facilitate, with just one trainer on staff, will just about ensure they have a job to return to when this is all over. By delivering this training remotely we are hoping that we will be able to ensure others livelihoods are likewise protected during this challenging time.

Why do you still charge £60+vat a course when it is being delivered online?

We pay an upload fee to DVSA for each candidate. We also have to pay overheads such as rent, insurance, accreditation fees, etc even during this challenging period when we can’t actually use our physical offices. Our outgoings in order to facilitate a course have actually risen as we have had to pay for more equipment and a subscritption to Zoom to faciliate the distance learning  but we are commited to keeping our prices the same.

What will I need to do complete this course?

You will need:

  • A pen and paper to take notes
  • A device with a camera that will support the App Zoom – This can be a desktop PC, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones etc.
  • You will need to complete the full 7 hours of the course – this means being present and engaged throughout the duration of the course. The course will have comfort breaks throughout as the trainer needs them too!
  • If possible – find yourself a quiet room without distractions. As a parent working from home, the trainer understand the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in but it is a course requirement that candidates participate fully – this is required by DVSA.


Can I just have it on in the background?

No. Whilst we appreciate that the current circumstances may require some working around – you do still need to be fully participating in this course just as you would have been in a classroom situation.

Why Zoom

At SAMS we trailed a number of products such as Skype and Teams but found Zoom to be the best.

Will it be recorded?

Yes it will. This is a fully audited course and there is a possibility that a DVSA representative may be attending the course alongside you to fulfil normal audit requirements. You will be required to sign a disclosure to allow the course to be recorded at booking.

Is there a dress code?

From the waist up – clothed 😊