The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that Fire Risk Assessments are carried out on all commercial premises and the communal areas of residential premises. The Order also requires the assessment are arranged by the ‘responsible person’ and carried out by a ‘competent person’.

Who is the ‘Responsible Person’?

The employer or owner/occupant of the building is considered as the ‘responsible person’. The responsible person should schedule fire risk assessments and review assessments. They must ensure fire safety measures are implemented following an assessment.

Here at SAMS, we are ready to assist all responsible persons with thorough assessments of fire risk. Our experienced advisors can suggest reasonable and cost-effective recommendations to help your business or organisation meet the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 with our Fire Risk Assessment Service.

What Makes Someone Competent at a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)?

The meaning of the term ‘competent person’ can be vague there is no specific definition. The lack of definition is due to the varying levels of competency and experience required to carry out a FRA is dependent on different businesses and premises. Take a construction site for example, the level of experience and competency required for an assessor to carry out a FRA is drastically different to the requirements to be able to carry one out in a small communal building. Here are some points you can look for when finding a competent person for completing fire risk assessments:

  • Are they on a professional register?
  • Do they meet the competency criteria set by the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council?
  • Do they have experience undertaking Fire Risk Assessments for your kind of business and premises?
  • Do they have sufficient and up-to-date Fire Safety Training?

Who Should Carry Out A Fire Risk Assessment?

Fire risk assessments should be scheduled by the person responsible for the premises or business and undertaken by someone with experience and training relevant to the type of premises in question.

Currently, we offer we offer The NEBOSH National Fire Certificate at our bespoke training centre in Kent, with lunch and refreshments provided. NEBOSH trained employees have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of fire safety, including how to implement strategies to minimise risks. Trained employees can also help their employer avoid prosecution, absence costs, litigation and loss of reputation throughout their operations, by putting fire safety strategies in place.

When they have passed this course, they will have a good base set of practical skills that will bring valued experience to any workplace. We can provide you with an elevated level of training from our industry experienced tutors, so you and your employees can put all your new skills into practice when you return to your workplace.

We now offer the  NEBOSH Certificate in fire safety and risk management through our e-learning scheme very soon.

To find out more about the courses we offer, take a look at our website here.