Choosing a course can be quite discouraging when you’ve left school or university, especially if you haven’t studied for a while. You want to make sure that the energy, time and money you’re investing and committing into a course will be worthwhile.

Well, let me introduce you to NEBOSH *rainbows and fireworks commence*. I kid you not – a NEBOSH qualification is the Superman of all the health & safety qualifications. There just aren’t any other qualifications quite like it, which enhance the potential in a person compared to the average no-NEBOSH-man.

Let me explain why NEBOSH is seen as one of the best health and safety qualifications. Did you know that up to 90% of health, safety and environmental job advertisements specifically ask for one or more NEBOSH Qualifications, and that 50% of all advertised health, safety and environment job adverts require a degree equivalent to the NEBOSH Diploma? I didn’t think so, because until yesterday, neither did I! NEBOSH really is the ‘OG’ qualification #inwiththelingo.

Not to mention, the average top-end salary for a job requiring NEBOSH is around £50,000, and it can and will rise significantly as the demand for health and safety professionals rise. This salary is around £9000 higher than the average top-end salary’s I’ve seen with job advertisements not specifying a diploma.

There is a long, long list of benefits when it comes to this course: increased knowledge, a more attractive CV, and a higher chance of getting employed. It’s a nationally& internationally recognised qualification, and yes, it’s marked as a ‘badge of quality’. But is this the right course for you? And is it the right time to be taking this course? Let’s take a deeper look.

Maybe you’ve just left university, maybe you’ve just finished school or college, and you’re wondering what to do now. Research suggests that over half of graduates are in the same position, and have no idea what to do now they’ve graduated – and a similar number of kids finishing school who don’t know what path to go on. I myself was once in this position. I’d just finished university, and I didn’t know what to do. Do I rush in and do a masters, or start working?

This is the reason why you should consider doing a course in health and safety. There is a guaranteed need for health and safety across industries, and having a job that specifically makes a difference in protecting the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers is incredibly fulfilling. Health and safety regulations are everywhere, and when they’re neglected, it never ends well. A bit of ‘common sense’ or corner-cutting can quickly lead to Flying Bouncy castles and accidentally intoxicated firemen– Don’t Ask

Recent students also have a major advantage: you’re still used to taking exams and writing essays Around this time, there are a bunch of students that have just left the education system and are swarming to job advertising websites, without really knowing what they actually want to do. There is no better time to start considering a course that is going develop your life for the better – both in terms of your CV and your general skillset.

Despite being a relatively advanced set of courses, there is no requirement to have any sort of health and safety knowledge before taking a NEBOSH course. Our NEBOSH courses will help you to understand everything you need, approaching safety from the ground up. Attending a NEBOSH course will also allow you to network with people from other companies, potentially making valuable connections. There will be plenty of people to discuss ideas and answer questions with and share each other’s experiences, and this often continues after the studying ends.

Don’t get me wrong – NEBOSH courses are no walk in the park. They are designed to be difficult. But the fact that they are so comprehensive is why they’re so valuable to employers . Don’t be startled by the price, either: we have a pay in instalments option (Payl8r) that will allow you to pay in a time frame that suits you.

You aren’t limited to just taking a single NEBOSH course. We have a selection of three NEBOSH courses that you can choose from: NEBOSH in Construction, NEBOSH General and NEBOSH in Fire Safety.

Did I mention NEBOSH is internationally recognised? The NEBOSH international General Certificate has membership networks worldwide, including places such as the Caribbean, Hong Kong, the UAE, and of course the UK. NEBOSH qualifications have even become the number one choice of safety professionals in the USA, aligning with OSHA standards. If you’re interested in working abroad, this qualification will give you a safe route to working wherever you’d like. The NEBOSH IGC will provide a thorough understanding of the general health and safety issues that affect organisations of all types, wherever you find them – making it arguably the most flexible NEBOSH qualification.

The NEBOSH in Construction certificate will give you an understanding of health and safety issues that predominately affect construction activities, and will enable you to apply for a white CSCS card. The NEBOSH in Fire Safety certificate meanwhile will give you a grounding in all aspects of health and safety relating to fire safety, including the identification and management of risks as well as emergency protocols. If you needed one final reason why is the right time to take a NEBOSH course, SAMS currently have a Gold Learning Partnership with NEBOSH, meaning that we offer the absolute highest possible standard of training. You are even able to take the course in your own preferred learning environment, as the course is done remotely, and finishes with an open book exam. This means you are able to look at your resources and notes – thank us later.

We wish you all the best of luck, and hope to see you at one of courses someday soon.