April 28th marks the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Sparking conversation about this day gives people an opportunity to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases worldwide.

As a health and safety consultancy we value health and safety, and provide courses and services that will protect you and enable your co-workers to create a safe environment.  This year, SAMS is focussing on encouraging the implementation of health and safety precautions to build a positive and favourable work place that workers feel safe and comfortable in.

SAMS see’s health and safety as a priority so not only provides health and safety services to customers, but we have also maintained high quality health and safety standards in our workplace to insure our workers feel and are safe at all times. Since starting SAMS in 1999, health and safety culture has evolved consistently over time and will continue to evolve, therefore we believe it’s important for put in the time for regular checks and monitoring health and safety systems (rules and procedures) to make sure we are delivering up to date, high quality services at all times.

We take great care in delivering all our health and safety services, as we believe this is vital part of building trust with our customers. We believe that the safety of staff and clients is just as important as sales, and that a safer and healthier workplace is a more productive one.

Here are just a few of our health and safety courses we would recommend for people wanting to maintain a healthy and safe work place:

Mental health first aid (MHFA) video course

We have recently added a new e – learning mental health first aid course for only £25 + vat. Around 25 per cent of the UK population will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. We believe mental health is just as important as physical health and should be taken care of especially within the workplace.


Nebosh in Construction, General, Fire Safety

You may have heard that NEBOSH is the gateway to more careers than almost any other safety qualification, the rumours are true! It’s a way for employees within organisations to level up their safety responsibilities, and also a prerequisite for most safety-specific positions.

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH (Institute of Health and Safety) Managing Safely course is designed to provide training and qualifications for managers and supervisors within all industries, to ensure they understand how to correctly manage health and safety within their teams.  This course is delivered over 3 days weekly

Site visits

At SAMS we are proud to have a qualified Fire Risk Assessment team with a combined extensive experience of 38 years. Each of our Fire Risk Assessors has a highly respected NEBOSH Fire qualification and FPA qualifications (Fire Protection Association). We will provide a thorough assessment of fire risk at your premises and make cost effective and reasonable recommendations, which will allow your business or organisation to meet the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – thereby making your business a safer working environment.

If you have any health and safe queries then our team are available for questions on our LIVE Chatbox between the 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday. We’d love to help, not matter how big or small the query.