SMSTS, SSSTS, CITB – What do they all mean?!

Acronyms can be very helpful until you realise you have no idea what they stand for! Let’s try to clear up what stands for what and more importantly – what course you need to do for your needs. CITB – In a nutshell – CITB stands for the Construction Industry Training Board. “It’s our job to work… Read More

Asbestos Awareness Elearning – Protect your future – Today.

Protecting your Future – the No1 Workplace Killer Whenever I ask the question “What’s the Number One killer in the workplace” the answer ranges from Slips,Trips, and falls to Violence and Anger in the Workplace… perhaps I ask the question too often! The correct answer however is Asbestos – or more accurately Mesothelioma. Generally this… Read More

Scouts, Allotments and Bears – Oh My!!

At SAMS today we read with some amusement the blog from the head of the HSE Judith Hackitt concerning the views of Bear Grylls (Chief Scout) over the refusal of the administrators of an allotment to allow scouts to be allocated one on the basis of health and safety. Mr Grylls felt so strongly about… Read More

Why would I voluntarily audit my company?

Why on earth would I voluntarily put my company through an audit? Well the answer may surprise. At SAMS we are happy to have had our CHAS registration renewed for 2014 in respect of our CDM services to construction projects. Although some may shudder at the thought of being audited, we have found that being… Read More