We’re pleased to announce that SAMS is now able to offer NEBOSH fire safety training as a remote learning course, allowing learners to receive their qualifications from the comfort of home. 

The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Zoom course is an ideal way to learn the tenets of fire safety, and enact change within your organisation. This qualification is highly respected by industry professionals, and fully certified by training provider NEBOSH. 

While we have offered an e-Learning variant of NEBOSH Fire Safety training before, this is the first time that this particular course has been allowed to be taught over Zoom. The new format has allowed NEBOSH to compact the course to just five days, making it more manageable and accessible than ever. 

As a result of the course being shorter, we’re also able to offer it at a hugely reduced price. For a limited time after launch, you can book for just £425 – less than half the price of the old course!

The new NEBOSH Fire Safety course has been built from the ground up to support learning remotely. And as a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, SAMS is certified as offering the highest standard of NEBOSH training available anywhere, achieving a 100% pass rate in our last cohort of learners. 

The changes to the old syllabus (Fire Safety and Risk Management) have been made specifically to support remote learning. The two closed book exams from the old classroom course have been merged into one open book exam, with the second practical module remaining the same.

The new open book exam format allows learners to refer to study materials during the exam, a marked change from the old closed book exam. This ensures that learners are applying their understanding of safety, and not just reciting facts. You can learn more about the differences between open and closed book exams in an upcoming blog post – keep an eye out!

Our remote learning courses have had an overwhelmingly positive reception over the past year, with customers praising our engaging, easy and fun Zoom safety training. Follow our social media feeds to see some testimonials, and visit our new NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety online course page to book your place today.