£225.00 + VAT Per Person

A popular and accessible health & safety course for managers and supervisors from all industries

The IOSH Managing Safely online course is a nationally recognised and respected certified training scheme for managers and supervisors from all industries.

Note that this is the e-Learning variant of the course, which can be completed in your own time. Click here for our IOSH Managing Safely remote learning course to learn with our tutors via Zoom.

Candidates that successfully complete the Managing Safely online course will go back to work with a comprehensive knowledge of why health and safety is an essential factor in their job.

Managing Safely E-Learning

Here are just a few benefits to our e-Learning courses:

  • e-Learning is a great way to learn when you are not available to attend training in a classroom
  • Study when and where it suits you best
  • Employers can train multiple employees at once, and monitor their progress throughout
  • e-Learning is accessible 24/7
  • It’s cost effective and lowers the impact on the environment
  • Our IOSH Managing Safely online course is simple to access, and easy to follow
  • The flexibility of the course helps candidates to learn as much as they can without losing interest or becoming confused.

What does the course consist of?

  1. Introducing managing safely

This section ensures managers understand that health and safety isn’t just an ‘add-on’ to their role; they are responsible for their teams.

  1. Assessing risks

The second section defines and demystifies “risk” and “risk assessment”. During this section, managers will learn to effectively use a simple risk scoring system.

  1. Controlling risks

This section will cover how to cut down risks. The focus will be on the best techniques to control key risks and how to choose the correct method.

  1. Understanding your responsibilities

In section four, managers will look at how the legal system works and what the law demands. For example, as a site supervisor, where would your health and safety responsibilities lie?

  1. Identifying hazards

All the main hazards any operation must deal with are covered during section five. Entrances, exits, work traffic, fire risk assessments, chemicals, electricity, for example.

  1. Investigating accidents and incidents

This section covers why accidents should be investigated, why things go wrong, and how to carry out an investigation when they do go wrong.

  1. Measuring performance

This seventh section explains how checking performance can improve health and safety. Managers will learn how to develop basic performance indicators and quality management.

  1. Protecting our environment

Section eight is a short explanation of how organisations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts.

How much does it cost?

Our IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning course costs £225+ VAT.

Other Methods of Learning

Remote learning

SAMS now offers this course remotely via Zoom, allowing you to receive classroom quality training from home. Check upcoming course dates and book today with our new online booking system!


Our classroom IOSH Managing Safely training focuses on managers and supervisors within all industries, ensuring they understand how to correctly manage health and safety within their teams.

When you’ve passed this course, you will have a good base set of skills that will bring valued experience to any workplace. Here at SAMS we can provide you with an elevated level of training from our highly qualified experienced tutors, so you can put all you have learnt straight into practice when you return to your workplace.

Our assessors will tailor the course to your business’ needs, by finding out what it is exactly you require from the course to implement within your company. Our IOSH course is based at our fully-equipped Kent training centre, with refreshments and lunch provided.


We also offer in-house training here at SAMS at a venue of our clients choosing, in addition to our own bespoke training centre.