IOSH Managing Safely Course

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Duration: 21 hours in total, delivered over 3 days in a full week or one day per week for 3 weeks.
Suggested progression: Re-qualification every 3 years

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About the IOSH course in Kent

The IOSH Managing Safely course is a programme dedicated to educating about health and safety within a workplace. IOSH is the world’s biggest professional health and safety membership organisation.

Who is the IOSH training course for?

IOSH Managing Safely is a course designed to give managers and supervisors from all industries the information they need to know in order to help them handle health and safety in their teams. The IOSH course is tailored to meet the exact needs of organisations and will provide candidates with a qualification in health and safety from a globally recognised safety body.

Candidates who successfully complete the written and practical assessments at the end of the course will not only go home full of knowledge but with a sense of why health and safety is an essential part of their job. They will also be awarded with an IOSH certificate in Managing Safely.

What does the course consist of?

The recently updated programme is highly flexible and will cover all of the main health and safety issues in a workplace. The IOSH course will also include a session tackling the environment. Throughout the programme we will provide step-by-step guidance with a sharp business focus. The modules covered are as follows:

1. Introducing managing safely

This section makes it clear to managers that health and safety isn’t just an add on to their role, that they are actually accountable for their teams.

2. Assessing risks

The second section defines and demystifies “risk” and “risk assessment”. During this section, managers will learn and use a simple risk scoring system.

3. Controlling risks

In section three, the session will cover how to cut risks down. This will be focused on the best techniques to control key risks and how to choose the correct method.

4. Understanding your responsibilities

In this section, managers will look at the demands of the law and how the legal system works.

5. Identifying hazards

During this section, all the main issues in which any operation has to deal with are covered. For example, entrances, exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals and electricity.

6. Investigating accidents and incidents

This section covers why accidents should be investigated, why things go wrong and how to carry out an investigation when they do.

7. Measuring performance

Section seven explains how checking performance can help improve health and safety. Managers will learn how to develop basic performance indicators.

8. Protecting our environment

Section eight is a short explanation of how organisations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts.


The IOSH course will be completed over a duration of 21 hours in total. This will be delivered over the space of three days in one full week. Or, alternatively, one day per week for three weeks. You will have professional guidance from highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Suggested progression: requalification every 3 years.

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