If you’re looking for health and safety courses in Canterbury, SAMS Ltd has you covered. We’ve undertaken numerous courses in Kent’s capital of culture, with our clients ranging from small premises to large-scale enterprises.

Our services in Canterbury include:

Our range of accredited health and safety courses in Canterbury covers a broad array of competencies, and our e-Learning courses offer a flexible way to fit health and safety training into your day. Our range of safety consultancy packages meanwhile provide the flexibility demanded by Canterbury’s eclectic mix of businesses.

As one of Kent’s biggest tourist attractions, Canterbury boasts one of the most varied business landscapes in the county. Its mix of ancient structures and new developments is home to everything from schools and universities, to shopping districts, to sprawling country festivals.

Our UKATA asbestos awareness course and IATP asbestos awareness training are particularly popular in Canterbury. The wealth of old structures and the frequency of renovations makes asbestos a pressing concern. With Canterbury’s beautiful high street dating back to Tudor and even medieval times, we find that even the smallest outlets can benefit from our safety courses and consultancy.

Why choose SAMS’ health and safety courses?

Having experienced everything from construction businesses to city-wide events, we’re able to cater to all of the varied demands of businesses in Canterbury on a one-to-one basis.

We pride ourselves on our honest and personal approach. We deal with your business directly, helping you to identify the services you need and allowing your business to reap the benefits.

Our services aren’t just mandatory box-ticking exercises. Classroom safety courses like our NEBOSH National General Certificate, IOSH Managing Safely and QA Emergency First Aid qualifications can both save and improve lives. Meanwhile, our new mental health awareness courses are helping to improve workplace wellbeing and even save lives at businesses around the county.

Many of our NEBOSH clients in particular have gone on to transform their careers, reaching the upper echelons of safety management. To read some of our incredible SAMS’ stories, visit our Testimonials page.


Travelling to SAMS from Canterbury

Our classroom courses are held at our premises in Manston, just a 30 min drive down the A28. Our e-learning courses meanwhile can be accessed and completed wherever you are, on a phone, tablet or computer. For more information on how to find us, visit our Contact page.