Why fire safety is about more than protecting people

Fire safety is usually about securing routes of egress, stemming the progress of fire and giving people – both on site and first responders – as much time as possible to react and respond. However, the impact of a fire can last far beyond the initial effect on people in the locality, particularly if the… Read More

What’s the role of a mental health first aider in the workplace?

As people have become more open about their mental health, employers are increasingly looking to support their employees in this regard, and ensure they are happy and productive in the workplace. The most prominent aspect of this has been the growth in First Aid for Mental Health training, a suite of courses that SAMS now… Read More

NEBOSH November: General Certificate Bookings Now Open!

While it isn’t our absolute biggest seller, the NEBOSH General Certificate is in many ways our flagship safety training course. As one of the most comprehensive, longest and most involved safety courses we offer, the NEBOSH General is a test for both our trainers and trainees. However, it’s also inarguably the most rewarding course we… Read More

Which course do I need to get my CSCS Green Card? 

With the addition of our brand-new QA Level 1 Health & Safety in a Construction Environment course, there are now two different pathways to gaining your CSCS Labourer Card, otherwise known as the CSCS Green Card. This raises a few questions: which one should I take? Why not just pick the cheapest one? And what… Read More

Why should you choose an accredited training course?

We often receive questions about the difference between accredited training courses and non-accredited, and which one is better. As we offer both varieties of training on a regular basis, we wouldn’t want to come down too strongly on either side.  While many people would consider accredited training to be more advantageous, there are numerous reasons… Read More

How our Education & Training course could change your life

Everybody’s good at something. Some are prized bakers; others can ride enormous waves without falling off; and a select few can walk six dogs at once without the dogs walking them. While some of us turn our talents into viable careers, so many others nurture skills as hobbies, and never really think that they can… Read More

8 Weird Facts You Might Not Know About Asbestos

We talk about asbestos a lot, and we know it can get a bit boring. You hear the same things about asbestos awareness, asbestos in schools and the importance of compliance, but it doesn’t really motivate you to take the problem seriously. And with many people taking asbestos courses online, you don’t get that face-to-face… Read More

Midsummer Sale: UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course!

It’s properly summer now, and with the nice weather comes a spate of building projects. This means more projects that involve identifying, managing and removing asbestos – and more demand for our range of UKATA Asbestos Awareness courses. Maybe the sunshine is having an effect on our moods, but we’ve decided to be extremely generous… Read More

Is it time to get rid of British Summer Time?

Having just passed the Summer Equinox, we’re experiencing all the benefits and drawbacks of extremely long days. Yet the only reason it gets light so early is that we continue to put our clocks forward – a change that can interrupt our circadian rhythms, and cause up to three weeks of insomnia. Turning the clocks… Read More

Why the cosmetics industry still struggles with asbestos

From irons to toilet seats to fake snow, there was a period in the 20th century where everything was made with asbestos. This magical material was strong, fireproof and insulated against electricity, and the public couldn’t get enough. Like the earlier craze for radium however, it soon emerged that asbestos held a deadly secret. The… Read More