Lee Appears On The ‘Health Matters’ Show!

If you’ve been following our social media feeds, you might be aware that Lee was due to appear on Neil D’Silva’s Health Matters Radio Show on Channel Radio. We’re pleased to announce that this appearance was a success, and Lee is well on his way to international superstardom! Lee dropped by to talk about our… Read More

Is the UK doing enough to prevent asbestos exposure?

Many of us think of asbestos as an antiquated threat. The deadly substance seems like it’s been banished and dealt with, gone the way of lead paint or leaded fuel. There’s an awareness that it still exists – largely because of fly-tipping – but not that it poses a present danger. For most people, it’s… Read More

5 Health & Safety Breaches in Marvel Movies

To celebrate the launch of Avengers: Endgame, we’re bringing back our popular feature on health & safety mishaps in the movies. This time, we’re taking on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – from the first burst of Iron Man to the final strains of Infinity War. If it wasn’t already obvious, there will be… Read More

Are video games affecting children’s behaviour?

“FORTNITE MADE ME A SUICIDAL DRUG ADDICT” “GAMING AS ADDICTIVE AS HEROIN” “GAMING ADDICT KIDS TAKEN INTO CARE” That last headline is just the latest in a series of articles linking behavioural problems to video games. With the massive popularity of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, newspapers have picked up a refrain that goes… Read More

We’re Nuts For NEBOSH In Our Midwinter Sale!

March 2019. It’s the month where one of the most important events in the recent history of our nation is scheduled to take place. It’s expected to cause travel chaos across Kent, and affect your job prospects for years to come. That’s right…it’s our next NEBOSH National General Certificate course!

Introducing our New ‘Video e-Learning’ Section!

First we brought you the best classroom training this side of the Thames. Next came our ultra-convenient e-Learning courses, allowing you to learn new skills from the comfort of your sofa. Now we reveal our next innovation: Video e-Learning health & safety courses!

How to avoid slips, trips and falls in wintery weather

We’re smack bank in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, and there’s still a way to go. If you’re in the UK this is a hazy transition, and summer doesn’t really seem to have arrived until it’s already almost over. For facilities managers and business owners, this means a lengthy period of vigilance… Read More

Are classroom safety courses always better than e-Learning?

One of the questions we receive most often is about the differences between our various classroom training and e-Learning courses. With many of the e-Learning courses providing a cheaper option than their classroom variants, people have asked us whether there’s any difference in the contents of the courses, and what added value our classroom courses… Read More

MULTI MADNESS: Asbestos Awareness Just Got Cheaper!

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but we’re already in a giving mood. SAMS is pleased to announce a complete restructuring of our prices for multiple license orders of our popular UKATA Asbestos Awareness online course, as well as a completely new price tier for smaller batches. If you buy multiple licenses for the course, you’ll… Read More